WODC(World Original Design Contest of Board Game)is a worldwide original board game design competition sponsored by Yoka Games, a famous publisher and distributor of board games from China. All board game lovers are welcomed to join the feast. It’s a stage for you to show your creativity and passion. WODC will build a bridge between all game designers, publishers and gamers.For the first WODC, the theme of contest will be CHINA . All participants must apply this theme to their design. The judge team consists of famous board game designers all over the world. The contest includes three stages: the preliminary, the semi-final and the final. All designers in the final stage will get the chance to be rewarded and have their games published.
Come on and unleash your creativity! The chance is right in front of you!


The champion will receive 3000 USD.


Professional product team will assist in your publication.


Promotions from various media channels.


Get advice from famous designers all over the world.

Result Announcement of the preliminary
The results of preliminary round will be published on the website. All participants will receive the email notifications before Aug 1st.
Result Announcement of the semi-final
9 games will be selected into the final stage.
The Award Ceremony
The Award Ceremony of WODC will be held in Shanghai.
Deadline of preliminary submission
Please send your entry form and rulebooks in email. In case of modification, please resubmit your file before the deadline.
Deadline of semi-final submission
Please send the demo of your game with all details.
Result Announcement of the Final
The judge team will select the champion of WODC.
The contest accepts original game designs only. No plagiarism is allowed. Any games that have been published will be rejected, including games published in any online media, entered any contest or competition, licensed to any third party, or crowdfunded in any forms.
All designs submitted are not allowed to be published before the 1st WODC ends. Please read World Original Design Contest of Board Game Agreement carefully before you submit any file.
All submission in the preliminary must include entry form and rulebook. Please send your design with attachment in email before June 22nd 2018.
Your submission should include:
1 Entry Form( filled in Chinese or English,);
2 A rulebook in English or Chinese, including setup, gameplay, ending condition, scoring and other information necessary for the game.
3 Optionally, you can submit other files to help the judges understand your design, such as cardlist, charts, pictures, videos, animation, sounds, etc.
4The email subject should be the title of your game.
Please send your design to
If you have any questions or advice with our contest, or business inquiries, please feel free to contact us.
Our address: Address: 8F, 1st Building, Hailan Chuangzhi Tiandi (Blue KIC), Gongshu District, Hangzhou, P.R.CHINA
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Tel +86 13971671100
Email for business: shixudian@dobest.com
Famous Judges

Reiner Knizia

As one of the world’s most successful and prolific game designers,
Reiner Knizia has more than 600 of his games and books published
worldwide in over 50 languages. With sales exceeding 20 million
copies, his works have brought him numerous international awards,
including four Deutsche Spiele Preis prizes, five German Game
Prizes and two German Game of the Year Awards. In 2002, he was
recognized by the Hall of Fame of GAMES magazine. Many of his
works have been available in Chinese, such as Samurai, Ra,
Modern Art and etc.

Ta-Te Wu

Taiwan's board game designer, now lives in the United States.
Witnessed the rise and development of China's board games.
In 1997, he published his first board game—Stock Tycoon,
in 2008,he successfully held the first exhibition of board
game in China - East China board game party. He takes board
games as his own career, made a contribution for the
development of Chinese board games.
Games that have been published: Tien Zi Que, Mountain of
Inferno, Soccer Sonic, Poker Face.

Seiji Kanai

Japanese designer, famous author, the founder of KANAI Factory studio.
The game Love Letters and Cheaty Mages designed by him are widely
acclaimed in worldwide. His designs show the spirit of minimalism
and Japanese culture.

Nobuaki Takerube

Editor, translator, writer, professor of Vantan GAME Academy,
the representative director of Japon Brand Board Game Company.
He has been promoting Japanese non-digital game to the world,
especially tabletop games. He is particular notable for Truth
in Fantasy, the Travellers in the Mythological World, and
Encyclopedia of Phantasmata.
Promotion Supports
Professional board game magazine follows up promotion reports.
Local newspapers reports.
More than 50 online game medias, home pages of news reports.
Network broadcast platforms for direct broadcast reports.
9 Years’ experience in production of board games, cumu- lative production of over 10 million sets of board games.
Professional product design, more than 200 board game h- ave been produced.
Independent artwork team, experienced in game artwork a- nd packaging design.
Powerful manufacturing resources, flexible selection of five professional board game manufactures in China.
Experienced legal team, strong and comprehensive protect- ion of intellectual property.
Full channel support, online and offline sale channels help to sale.
1 First Prize
3000 US dollars
1 Second Prize
2000 US dollars
1 Third Prize
1000 US dollars
6 Nominee Prize
500 US dollars