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【Latest Developments】

Results of the 1st  WODC


WODC(World Original Design Contest of Board Game)is proudly initiated and held by Yoka Games, following the success of the first season, the second season will continue to encourage original design by accepting submissions from all around the world.

In the second season, with the exception of Trading Card Games (TCG) and Living Card Games (LCG), we have decided to permit all possible original designs and ideas, by not setting theme requirements, as long as they have never been commercialized, published, or participated in any other board game design contests. The second season of WODC will still progress through the qualification and preliminary rounds of selection before arriving at the finals.

The competition aims to encourage original game design from game designers and promote the growth of the board games industry. We welcome all designers who have ideas, creativity and enthusiasm to join in and compete for the glory and rewards that may follow!


1 Gold prize: Cash of US$3,000 (subject to regulatory taxes).

1 Silver prize: Cash of US$2,000 (subject to regulatory taxes).

2 Bronze prizes: Cash of US$1,000 each (subject to regulatory taxes).

Various Awards: Total Cash prize pool of US$2,000 (subject to regulatory taxes).

10 years of self-publishing experience, with over 10 million sets of board games being produced.

Professional experience in product planning.

Specialized art team.

Large resource pool in production.

Comprehensive channels for distribution,

through both online and offline means.

Professional board game magazine provides coverage for the entire competition.

More than 50 online game review websites for promotions.

Notification support from the popular App “Board Game Circle”.


Attractive prize pool Winner gets US$3,000! The total prize pool is US$9,000

Production for Publishing

Professional help provided for commercialization of final product

Marketing support

Promotion of games are done through both on/offline channels

Professional Judges

Providing professional advice on game commercialization

【Contest Schedule】

March 1st,2020

Preliminaries submissions deadline


May 2020

Semi-Finals Submission


Oct 2020

Finals Result


Open for Submissions: October 20th, 2019 Official E-mail opens for Submissions.

Preliminaries results: April 2020(Date to be determined)After the initial screening, our staff will reply via mail and announce results on the official website.

Semi-Finals Results:Sept. 2020(date to be determined) After the game testing, the staff will reply via mail and announce results on the official website.

A grand ceremony will be held in Shanghai Board Game Market for prize presentation, alone with well-known designers from both the local and overseas board game scene.

October 20th, 2019

Open for Submissions


April 2020

Preliminaries results


Sept 2020

Semi-Finals Results


2020 during BGM

Prize giving ceremony


Deadline(Subject to the time of sending)March 1st, 2020,23:59:59(UTC+8)Submissions can be made before the submission deadline, and resubmissions can be revised and submitted again also before the deadline.

Semi-Finals Submission: May 2020(date to be determined)Submissions for the semi-finals must be a prototype.

Finals Result:Oct. 2020(date to be determined) Judges will determine which submissions from the semi-finals shall proceed on to the finals.


WODC specifically accepts original, unreleased games, work that have been copyrighted, commercialized, or have participated in crowd-funding or any other events will not be accepted. The organizer will keep the content of every submission confidential. At the end of each round, the submissions that have been selected to proceed to the next round shall be announced. Before proceeding with the submission, please read the 2nd World Original Design Contest of Board Game Rules and Regulations(Click here to check the details). Every participant will be required to send an application form through e-mail, and each submission must be furnished with one application form.

Deadline(Subject to the time of sending): March 1st, 2020,23:59:59(UTC+8)

【How to Join】

Please submit by E-mail. Contents of submission E-mail (Please write in English or Chinese):

01 - Attach the completed entry form in PDF format (Download)

02 - Attach the detailed game rules in PDF format. Game rules should include but are not limited to: Initial game settings, Flow of the game, End of the game, Victory conditions, etc.

03 - Subject of the email must be represented by the name of the completed submission.

04 - In addition to the above information, you can also provide other supporting materials, including introductory wordings, cards, photos, illustrations, audio, video, animation, power-point presentations, etc., these materials should help auditors understand your design more.

Email address: tougao@dobest.com

Post address: 8F., Bldg. 1, Hailan Chuangzhi Tiandi, No. 478 Yuhangtang Rd., Gongshu Dist., Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China, 311100

Reciever: WODC Committee

Contact number: (+86) 571-88050880-3061

If you have any questions about the competition, please check our FAQ or contact us directly.


If you have any questions about the competition or would like to seek business cooperation, please contact us:

Address: 8/F, Building 1, Hailan Chuangzhi Tiandi, No. 478 Yuhangtang Road, Gongshu District, Hangzhou, China

Post code: 311100

Contact number: 0571-88050880-3061



Q1: If my work has been shown in other public occasions (such as a board game exhibition), can I submit it?

A: Entries in the WODC Contest must not have been published on any platform (including but not limited to crowd-funding, exhibitions, magazines, etc.) (with the exception of submissions through the Yoka Games original board game design platform and private game testing).

Q2: After submission, do I still have an opportunity to amend my submission?

A: You may amend or add on to your game content as long as they are submitted before the deadline. It is important to pay attention to the deadlines.

Q3: Which aspects of the submission are being considered in the preliminaries and which are considered in the semi-finals?

A: In the preliminaries, the competition committee checks if the work meets the requirements of the competition, things like if the design is original or appeared elsewhere, whether it contains sensitive content, and more. Following that, the submission goes into the review phase and are screened primarily by reviewing the contents of the rulebook. In the semi-finals, the game will be evaluated through actual tests, including strategic, interactivity, replay ability, substitution, balance, difficulty, operability and fluency, and whether the submission has any unique selling points. Finally, the finalists are selected according to the various factors that makes up the entirety of the submission.

Q4: When my submission is in review and the reviewing committee has a question, will they contact me?

A: No. Explanation of the game rules is part of the criteria for evaluation. To ensure that evaluation is being carried out in all equal fairness, we will not contact any designers about the rules. If there are concerns that explanation in text may not be clear, we recommend that you use the pictures, diagrams or specific examples. Additionally, you may submit supplemental materials such as videos to assist with the explanation. However, please ensure that the materials submitted are relevant, and are submitted before the deadlines.

Q5: After the submission, how is the copyright of the work handled for winning and non-winning submissions?

A: After preliminaries results have been announced and published, all rights arising from the submissions that failed to enter the primarilies will be handed back to the designers. For submissions that have entered the primarilies of the competition. After the final results have been announced and published, and with Yoka Games subsequently given up the first rights of signing the submission by not offering a contract to the designer, all rights arising from the submission are also handed back to the designer. All submissions will be kept by the organizing committee during the competition. Please pay careful attention to the official correspondences via email and updates on the official website.

Q6: What changes to the prize pool between the 1st and 2nd season of WODC?

A: The total prize pool of the second season is exactly the same as that of the 1st season. 9,000 US dollars. The prize amount of the Gold, Silver and Bronze prizes are also intact, with the Gold prize at 3,000 US dollars, Silver prize at 2000 US dollars and Bronze prize at 1000 US dollars each, there will be 2 bronze prizes in the 2nd season. The Excellence Awards (the finalists who have not won the Gold, Silver or Bronze prizes) in the 1st season will be restructure into a number of judges' selection awards, with the remaining 2000 US Dollars to be equally divided among the winners of the selection awards. The judges' selection awards will be selected from all the preliminaries who have not won the top 3 prizes. These awards will be selected from submissions that exhibits outstanding qualities in various aspects. In addition, we will also issue certificates for winners of the gold, silver, bronze, and other prizes.

Q7: What if I want my prototype back when the competition is over?

A: The competition committee will not take the initiative to return the submissions, if you wish to have your prototype sent back, you will need to contact Yoka Games with your mailing address, mobile phone number and postage fees. The competition committee will send your submission to the address that you have specified.

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Results of the 1st  WODC

Results of the 1st WODC


Our inaugural WODC has concluded in December 2018.

Our finalists from Japan, Germany and China Taiwan, have emerged as winners with the prizes going to:


Gold : Panda vs. Jiangshi (renamed to :《异妖战记》). Designer: Takeshi Iwata (from Japan)

Silver prize: SHAN HAI JING (renamed to :《漂流大地》). Designer: Stefan Breuer (from Germany)

Bronze prize: 春秋五霸. Designer: 陈力群,官官 (from China Taiwan)


We thank everyone who supported the 1st WODC especially to all the designers for their contributions!

We look forward to an exciting 2nd WODC ahead!

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